Western offers SCADA software which is compatible with OMRON PLC. SCADA is the abbreviation of (supervisory control and data acquisition).
SCADA offers an advanced model of objects, a powerful graphic interface and a new and unique architecture allowing fast application development and ultimate connectivity to features and other applications.
:: SCADA specifications:
The SCADA is a software program that increasing performance, productivity and quality of its applications as well as the process itself, reducing costs and losses.
Through SCADA program we can monitor and control the system remotely from anywhere.
It is not required to follow-up system on site but can be done via the Internet.
It can also store data in the form of various reports at any time (historian data).
You can control the concrete batching plants by SCADA program.
Or , calculate the production efficiency , customer bills and profits of production lines.
You can print reports in any SCADA application.
:: SCADA applications:
Concrete batching plants.
Laboratory tests, tensile machines.
Packaging machines for grains, corn.
Packaging machines for food.
Packaging machines for construction materials such as cement.