Western produces packaging machines with with professionalism that serve the industry.
:: Wheat, corn packaging system:
Weighing / Packing machine: the main target of the project is to pack the bushels to the set weight with high accuracy and in a short time.
The accuracy of the machine is 20 gm, with speed reach to 20 package/min.
The machine has the ability to change the set point to pack more than one package with different weights (from 5 kg to 100 kg with a step of one kg).
The machine have the ability to modify the weight error that might happen during the process of weighting to eliminate such errors and to reach the required weighing with the required accuracy.
The components of the machine are:
1. the mechanical system which consists of a hopper, package holder, and the gates of the hopper, Silo which is controlled by the pneumatic valves
2. The used valves in the project are pneumatic valves, that provides a fast operation, lower cost, and easy to maintenance.

:: Control Panel of packaging machine:
The control unit uses PLC modules , which provide the fast response to the inputs/outputs, easy to maintenance, the ability to work for long time.
The Control Panel is provided with option that allow operating the machine in case of PLC failure or scale failure, to ensure that the machine will not stop.
The control panel is provided with 24 V power supply to feed the PLC and the whole control circuit.
The panel is provided with a circuit breaker to ensure maximum protection.
The panel door contain all the required push buttons and indicators to operate two scales with all options.