Western manufactures all kinds of metal and rubber conveyor belts – with professionalism – for all industrial purposes.
As well as conveyor belts of material pvc & p.u and stainless steel for various food , pharmaceutical industries and others in all stages of production
And conveyor belts of rubber material for concrete batching plants, ceramics , construction materials and other industries such as mining and quarrying .
: Used In:
Most of factories such as food , pharmaceutical, chemical, ceramics, construction materials industries and concrete mixing plants.
:: Climate and environment of conveyor belt usages:
Working in the dry and wet and in the transfer of chemicals at temperatures of: 50 —- 1200 ° C .
:: Materials of conveyor belts :
The materials that is used in the manufacture of belts suitable for all purposes.
They are made from high quality steel or stainless steel that is heat resistant.
Dimensions and sizes suitable for all purposes to be transferred on conveyor movement.
Extent, from 50 —– 4500 mm.
:: First: The steel or metal conveyor belts:
Is part of the transport or technological equipment.
The steel conveyor belts are used in the transfer of materials according to the nature of work in various industries.
:: Second: The stainless steel conveyor belts:
Used in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries in different stages of production.
:: Third: Rubber and steel Conveyor Belts:
Used in the industries of construction materials and concrete mixing stations, as well as ceramics and tobacco industries and in quarries.
:: Overhead conveyor belt:
Many industry sectors benefit from our overhead conveyor sysytem technology; automotive,foods, goods, metal finishing and construction materials.
Having a conveyor installed overhead means your goods are transported away from the busy factory floor minimising potential damage. It can also be a very cost effective solution for the handling of your products.