Western manufactures monorail systems – with professionalism – for all industrial purposes.
:: Usage:
Monorail conveyors designed and installed by Western co. are suitable for use in serveral industries, and can be used to build custom-tailored handling systems, depending on the requirements of the customer company.

Handling systems with monorail conveyors are an ideal support for:
Bricks handling systems.
Wood and metal industrial painting systems.
Surface treatment and finishing systems.
Handling systems for the food and canning industry.
Handling lines for dairy and milk industry
Chicken and meat slaughtering and processing lines.
Clothing transportation and storage lines.

:: Climate and environment of the monorail usage:
Monorail conveyors may also work in environments with very high or very low temperatures.
The monorail conveyors designed and built by Western co. can be used with temperatures up to 450° C or in cold rooms down to -40° C.
:: Monorail types:
The monorail conveying lines can be used to build overhead or ground conveyors. Overhead conveyors are fastened to the ceiling or to suitable supporting structures while ground conveyors are fastened to the ground.
The monorail lines’ specifications are the same for ground and overhead structures.
:: :: The monorail features:
A track to transport carrying devices such as trolleys and hooks. The track itself can form a closed loop.

Monorail conveyors carry manufactured products of various sizes and weights that are hung to the carrying chain at fixed distances one from each other by means of specific fastening means; they can follow very complex routes both on the horizontal and vertical plans.

A monorail conveyor consists of a shaped sheet metal rail with a biplanar chain sliding inside it, driven by a a linear or wheel-type drive unit; chain speed can be adjusted either mechanically or electronically.

For horizontal and vertical movement we use curves that may also be manufactured in non-standard radiuses and widths according to customer’s needs. By using special rail segments we simplify chain introduction, while chain tensioning is regulated by screw, spring or pneumatic tensioners. The monorail conveyor may also be equipped with hooks or racks suitable for the most diversified applications.