::Maintenance and support services:
Western has a qualified maintenance and service center. This center provides 24 hours support for the customers. This center is also responsible for customer support and training during equipment warranty period, on customer site or in our factory. Furthermore, we develop technical training seminars to support the various applications of our customers.

The seminars cover embedded systems, micro-controllers, DSP, electronic scales, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), process automation, and software applications.Our technical support is available throughout the entire development process.

Support by e-mail and phone is provided to all customers. Each project is assigned a technical project manager that coordinates all support and service issues, pre and post delivery.
:: Western Tracking system:
We deliver rapid expert responses to customers on technical issues. Each support request is identified on the tracking database and is reviewed daily by management. We stand behind the parts we produce and provide long term support for our products.