Western is the leading manufacturer of concrete batching plants for the production of high quality wet mix, half wet mix, dry mix, slurry batch and mortar. We custom engineers mobile and portable concrete batch plants designed to drive productivity and boost profits.
And, most of all, Western custom engineers batch plants that meet your needs. We work with you to design and manufacture a plant ideally suited to your operation and your site’s requirements.
We deliver long-term value and lower operating costs through up front planning, intelligent engineering, and innovative products by implementing fully automatic PLC based computerized control by PLC panels and a touch screen interface. Resultantly, our plants consistently deliver the optimal quality mix.
As you would expect from a leading manufacturer, Western offers after-sales support service and spare parts provision to the highest standard.
:: Stationary Concrete Batching Plants::
An aggregator scale with a 10 to 15 T capacity, tension load cells, and has three to five
gates for discharging operations with a pneumatic system.
A cement scale with a 4 T capacity, tension or compression load cells, and has one gate
that operates with a pneumatic system charged from the cement silo by a screw motor.
A water scale with a 3 T capacity, tension or compression load cells, and is charged by
a water pump connected to a large water tank.
A horizontal conveyor belt that transfers the feeder materials to the inclined conveyor belt.
An inclined conveyor belt that transfers the feeder materials to the mixer.

Figure 1: Concrete Batching plant1
:: System Operation:
The aggregate (e.g. gravel, limestone, and sand) is delivered by a loader to three hoppers.
The operator enters the desired weight to each hopper through the touch screen.
The PLC panels open the gates until the required weight is delivered and transported to the horizontal conveyor belt, subsequently the inclined conveyor belt, and lastly the mixture tank.
Cement & fly ash are delivered by a load cell weighing system as the operator enters the required weight through the touch screen program.
An operator inputs the required amount of water to the electronic water meter with liter increments.
Cement, water, and aggregate enter the mixture tank to produce the concrete solution.
The mixer truck is loaded in 1 to 4 cycles, depending on the tank capacity.
Prints date, truck number, and final percent error.
The plant’s production capacity is 25 m3 to 100 m3 of concrete per hour (Option of slow weighing for perfect work).