:: Sorting fruit and vegetables by weight system:
When it comes to sorting fruits and vegetables , gentle handling plus accuracy of color sorting and weight sizing are the most important aspects to consider when evaluating sorting systems.

Western manufacture sort by weight systems that serve the food industry in sorting fruits , vegetables and other foods.
:: Sorting by weight specifications:
This system is specifically designed for accurate high speed weighing of produce from 25 to 2000 grams.
The load cells are designed so that giving precision weighing, even at high speeds of 10 to 15 fruit per second per lane.
The weight of every single empty carrier is recorded and used as an individual tare weight and is updated every time that the carrier is weighed empty. This compensates for changes through the packing day, effectively calibrating itself automatically.
Two load cells per lane get weight information from each weigh point and process approximately 250 readings in less than 1/10th of a second for each fruit.